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Right University Selection 1

Right University Selection

Support for choosing the right University and Program from our expert education consultants.

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University Registration Procedures 2

University Registration Procedures

Preparation and follow-up of documents for university registration.

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Visa Procedures 3

Visa Procedures

Appointment scheduling and preparation of documents for visa procedures.

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Accommodation Services 4

Accommodation Services

Organizing the most suitable accommodation for the student.

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Orientation Programs 5

Orientation Programs

City orientation tours and trips organized with universities prior to the application period.

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Residence Permit Procedures 6

Residence Permit Procedures

Managing residence permit procedures in Poland.

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Bank Account Procedures 7

Bank Account Procedures

Bank Account Procedures

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Mobile Phone Line Procedures 8

Mobile Phone Line Procedures

Registration of a mobile phone number and provision of a SIM card.

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Airport Pick-up 9

Airport Pick-up

Welcoming students at the airport on their first day.

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Transportation Card Procedures 10

Transportation Card Procedures

Obtaining a transportation card for public transportation.

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Municipal Procedures 11

Municipal Procedures

Assistance with obtaining a PESEL number and registering residence in Poland.

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Hospital Procedures 12

Hospital Procedures

Scheduling hospital appointments for students.

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