Zakopane Poland's natural and cultural treasure

Zakopane Poland's natural and cultural treasure

Zakopane, a settlement near the southern border of Poland, is a tourist destination famous for its spectacular mountain landscapes, rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Zakopane is a town built at the foot of the Polish Tatra Mountains and is an attractive destination for tourists all year round. In this article, learn more about Zakopane's history, natural beauty, cultural heritage and popular activities.


The history of Zakopane dates back to the 17th century. However, the town's real growth and recognition began towards the end of the 19th century. After Poland regained its independence, artists, writers and intellectuals visited Zakopane. During this period, the town became a centre of art and culture. The wooden architectural style was developed by a group of artists known as the Zakopane School, who laid the foundations of a design movement unique to this region.

Natural Beauties

Zakopane is surrounded by the beauty of the Tatra Mountains. This magnificent mountain range is a paradise for nature lovers, climbers and skiers. Zakopane offers visitors many nature activities during all four seasons. In winter, skiing and snowboarding are popular, while in summer, mountain walks and mountain biking are popular. Natural beauties, such as Lake Morskie Oko at the foot of the Tatra, offer mesmerising views.

Cultural Heritage

Zakopane is a town that attaches great importance to its local traditions and cultural heritage. Here you can see examples of traditional Polish folk arts. Wood carving, embroidery and handmade items are popular crafts in Zakopane. Local music and dance performances are often organised in the town. Zakopane's local cuisine is also prominent and especially the hot drink "Grzane Piwo" and cheese cake "Oscypek" are just a few of the flavours you should taste.

Popular Activities

Zakopane provides the perfect venue for all kinds of outdoor activities. In winter, ski enthusiasts flock to ski resorts such as Kasprowy Wierch and Gubałówka. In summer, you can hike in the Tatra Mountains, take mountain bike tours and enjoy nature. In addition, Krupówki Street in the centre of town is an ideal place for shopping and sampling local delicacies.

Zakopane is a wonderful destination full of Poland's natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The mesmerising views of the Tatra Mountains and the historic atmosphere of the town attract all kinds of visitors. Therefore, Zakopane is a must-see for nature lovers, culture enthusiasts and adventure seekers.