Warsaw University of Technology

Warsaw University of Technology is a technical research university. In…


    Warsaw University of Technology is a technical research university. In modern terminology this means that the University is fully entitled to conduct education in a multi-level system based on advanced scientific research, according to the Bologna Process. The faculties are entitled to grant PhD degrees in all scientific disciplines pursued by them. This scientific and educational level, confirmed by the state accreditation and by community recognition, places Warsaw University of Technology among academic universities of the highest level of autonomy as foreseen by the Polish legal system. The University offers education at the following levels (degrees): engineer, master of science and PhD in all areas of technology – ranging from civil engineering and architecture, with the longest tradition, to up-to-date optoelectronics, materials nanotechnology, biotechnology and biomedical technology. A natural complementation of technical studies is education in the areas of economics, social sciences, management, administration and business. A unique character and reputation of Warsaw University of Technology is shaped by its graduates; they lead macrostructures in the industry and actively participate in creating the present and future of Poland. They conduct research in the world best research centers, create technologies of the 21st century. We can clearly see that a diploma of Warsaw University of Technology is the beginning of the way to genuine professional success and fulfillment of ambitions in many areas of human activity.


    [Source: http://www.nauka.gov.pl/en/higher-education-institutions/universities.html]


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