Uniwersity of Białystok

The University of Bialystok is one of the largest and most dynamic…


    The University of Bialystok is one of the largest and most dynamic academic centres in north eastern
    Poland. It was established in 1997 after having been a branch of Warsaw University for 30 years. It is
    comprised of 10 faculties, and offers studies in 26 fields and over 70 specializations. At 1st and 2nd
    degree level studies, and postgraduate and PhD studies it educates about 18.000 students. It is
    authorized to award all scientific degrees, including PhD and postdoctoral degrees. The University
    promotes modernity. It rans On-line Registration for Applicants. It has successfully introduced new
    forms of communication with students: Recruitment chats, Blogs, e-learning courses. In 2010 it was
    awarded third place in "The most innovative and creative university in Poland" contest. The University
    of Bialystok is continually developing and improving its facilities to provide the best possible conditions
    to study and research. It may be proved, inter alia, by the university investments: building the
    University Library, a new lecture hall at the Faculty of Law, a new sports hall, the University Computing
    Centre and educational building for the needs of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. 
     [Source: http://www.nauka.gov.pl/en/higher-education-institutions/universities.html]


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