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    Gdynia Maritime University
    Gdynia Maritime University is a public technical higher education institution offering:

    The Faculty of Marine Electrical Engineering educates electrical engineers, specialists in operating ship and land – based electrical equipment and automatic control systems. It also educates electronic engineers, specialists in designing and operating of electronic circuits, facilities and systems dedicated for land – based, sea and ship communication systems as well as stationery and mobile telecommunication and computer teleinformation networks. The graduates in marine specializations are prepared for positions on board merchant marine vessels as shipboard electro automation engineers or shipboard radio electronic and electronic engineers.

    The Faculty of Marine Engineering conducts courses for specialists in operation

    and maintenance of ship power plants according the international requirements. The graduates are prepared for technical operation of all ship machinery or offshore objects power plant machinery. They acquire modern and broad technical knowledge and skills for operating and designing of power plant machinery. Theoretical and practical knowledge is provided, essential for work in the ship machinery compartment on the operational level (marine watch engineer) and after the second – degree studies – on the managerial level. The graduates meet the requirements of Standards of Training, Certificate and Watchkeeping Convention for Seamen (IMO STCW 78/95 Convention).

    The Faculty of Navigation prepares high class specialists in both ship operation

    and in technical operation of ports. The first group of professionals, after their graduation and after completing their shipboard apprenticeship in compliance with the relevant regulations, are awarded the Officer’s Diploma licensing them to perform the officer and management functions on board commercial vessels in the Deck Departments. The other group of graduates successfully compete for positions in port and fleet operating companies and other sectors of maritime industry.

    The Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Quality Science prepares specialists in qualitative and quantitative inspection of commodities and cargoes, specialists in trade and export assessment, in tourism, hotel and catering management, in marketing and enterprise management, human resource management, organization of seaborne trade, technological and organizational aspects of shipping operations, information technologies, insurance and commercial law, logistics and maritime trade, corporate accountancy and finance.

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